List of Product Categories for MHEC Contracts
Bulletin Boards & CabinetsC07
Classroom: AccessoriesC07
Classroom: Demountable WallsC07
Desks: AccessoriesC07
Desks: ADA CompliantC07
Desks: AdministrativeC07
Desks: ClassroomC07
Desks: Computer/TechC07
Desks: Early ChildhoodC07
Desks: MiscellaneousC07
Furniture: AccessoriesC07
Furniture: AdministrativeC07
Furniture: Behavioral/DetentionC07
Furniture: CartsC07
Furniture: CaseworkC07
Furniture: Circulation DeskC07
Furniture: ClassroomC07
Furniture: Conference RoomC07
Furniture: CosmetologyC07
Furniture: Custom, Made to OrderC07
Furniture: Design ServicesC07
Furniture: DiningC07
Furniture: Early ChildhoodC07
Furniture: EducationC07
Furniture: Entire CatalogC07
Furniture: Extended WarrantyC07
Furniture: FabricC07
Furniture: FilingC07
Furniture: Fire StationC07
Furniture: Hand-Washing StationsC07
Furniture: Health Care & Behavioral HealthC07
Furniture: InstallationC07
Furniture: Lactation PodsC07
Furniture: LecternsC07
Furniture: LibraryC07
Furniture: Library AccessoriesC07
Furniture: Library ShelvingC07
Furniture: LoungeC07
Furniture: MakerspaceC07
Furniture: MillworkC07
Furniture: MiscellaneousC07
Furniture: Modular SpaceC07
Furniture: Music RoomC07
Furniture: OutdoorC07
Furniture: PodsC07
Furniture: Police StationC07
Furniture: Pre-OwnedC07
Furniture: Project Planning/ManagementC07
Furniture: Quick ShipC07
Furniture: Reception DeskC07
Furniture: Remanufactured/RefurbishedC07
Furniture: RentalC07
Furniture: Replacement & Repair PartsC07
Furniture: Residence HallC07
Furniture: Reupholstering ServicesC07
Furniture: SecurityC07
Furniture: Space PlanningC07
Furniture: STEMC07
Furniture: StorageC07
Furniture: Storage/LockersC07
Furniture: SystemsC07
Furniture: Technical/SecurityC07
Furniture: Technology AccessoriesC07
Furniture: Upholstery CleaningC07
Furniture: Warehousing/StorageC07
Seating: AccessoriesC07
Seating: ADA CompliantC07
Seating: AdministrativeC07
Seating: AuditoriumC07
Seating: Auditorium/Theater/JuryC07
Seating: BariatricC07
Seating: BenchingC07
Seating: BleachersC07
Seating: Cafateria/DiningC07
Seating: ClassroomC07
Seating: CosmetologyC07
Seating: Early ChildhoodC07
Seating: HealthcareC07
Seating: LabC07
Seating: LibraryC07
Seating: LoungeC07
Seating: MiscellaneousC07
Seating: Portable StagesC07
Seating: Public AreasC07
Seating: RecognitionC07
Seating; LibraryC07
Soft SeatingC07
Tables: ADA CompliantC07
Tables: AdminC07
Tables: ClassroomC07
Tables: ComputerC07
Tables: ConferenceC07
Tables: Custom, Made to OrderC07
Tables: DiningC07
Tables: Early ChildhoodC07
Tables: FixedC07
Tables: FoldingC07
Tables: Height AdjustableC07
Tables: LibraryC07
Tables: LoungeC07
Tables: MiscellaneousC07
Tables: Residence HallC07
Tables: ScienceC07
Tables: Side/ModularC07
Teacher: AdminC07
Visual Communication DisplaysC07
White Boards (non-electronic)C07
Wood Refinishing Services (includes restoration)C07