List of Product Categories for MHEC Contracts
Bulk Shredding Services - OnsiteF20
Can Include CloudF20
Can Include Cloud RepositoryF20
Capture SoftwareF20
Consulting ServicesF20
Container RentalF20
Container SalesF20
Digitizing Scanner for all Micrographic FormatsF20
DM/ECM Workflow SoftwareF20
Document ArchivingF20
Document DeliveryF20
Document Management (ECM) Software and SolutionsF20
Document Management SoftwareF20
Document PickupF20
Document Preparation: OffsiteF20
Document Preparation: OnsiteF20
Document ScannersF20
Document Scanning Equipment:Maintenance PlansF20
Each Additional Box Rate OffsiteF20
Each Additional Box Rate OnsiteF20
Each Additional Console OffsiteF20
Each Additional Console OnsiteF20
Each Additional Tote OffsiteF20
Each Additional Tote OnsiteF20
Electronic Content ManagementF20
Electronic Media Destruction: Data ErasuresF20
Electronic Media Destruction: DegausserF20
Electronic Media Destruction: DisintegratorsF20
Electronic, OffsiteF20
Electronic, OnsiteF20
Electronics ShreddingF20
Microfilm and SuppliesF20
Onsite EquipmentF20
Other Media ShreddingF20
Paper, OffsiteF20
Paper, OnsiteF20
Per Index: OffsiteF20
Per Index: OnsiteF20
Per Page Scan: OffsiteF20
Per Page Scan: OnsiteF20
Professional ServicesF20
Project Management ServicesF20
Purge Offsite (Includes First 10 Boxes)F20
Purge Onsite (Includes First 10 Boxes)F20
Recurring Shredding ServiceF20
Remarketing Drives/Electronic Media/IT AssetsF20
Remote ServicesF20
Scanning EquipmentF20
Scanning Services: and ShredF20
Scanning Services: and StorageF20
Scanning Services: and Storage To CloudF20
Scanning Services: Offsite ServicesF20
Scanning Services: Onsite ServicesF20
Set Up FeeF20
Shredding Services - OffsiteF20
Shredding Services - OnsiteF20
Shredding Services: Microfilm/FilmF20
Shredding Services: PlansF20
Shredding Services: Container RentalF20
Shredding Services: Container SalesF20
Shredding Services: Electronic, OffsiteF20
Shredding Services: Electronic, OnsiteF20
Shredding Services: Microfilm/FilmF20
Shredding Services: Paper, OffsiteF20
Shredding Services: Paper, OnsiteF20
Shredding Services: PlansF20
Storage Document: Emergency RecallF20
Storage Document: Migration FeesF20
Storage Document: Non Emergency RecallF20
Storage Document: Open ShelfF20
Storage Document: Paper/Records/Microfilm/FilmF20
Storage Document: To CloudF20
Storage Document:Paper/Records/Microfilm/FilmF20
Storage: Electronic Media - Hard DrivesF20
Storage: Electronic Media - TapesF20