List of Product Categories for MHEC Contracts
Assisted Listening DevicesK02
Document TranslationK02
Hearing Loop SystemsK02
Interpretation ServicesK02
Interpreter EducationalK02
Interpreter CommunityK02
Interpreter ConferenceK02
Interpreter ConsecutiveK02
Interpreter Deaf/BlindK02
Interpreter EducationalK02
Interpreter EscortK02
Interpreter MediaK02
Interpreter MedicalK02
Interpreter Services-After hours emergencyK02
Interpreter Sign LanguageK02
Interpreter SimultaneousK02
Interpreter TelephoneK02
Interpreter Video RemoteK02
Linguistic ServicesK02
Non-Language ServicesK02
Non-Linguistic ServicesK02
Project ManagementK02
Speech Transfer SystemsK02
Translation ServicesK02
Translator - Regular hoursK02
Translator & Interpreter Equipment & SuppliesK02
Translator & Interpreter Extended WarrantiesK02
Translator & Interpreter MaintenanceK02
Translator & Interpreter Rental EquipmentK02
Translator & Interpreter ServicesK02
Translator- Fee over three hours in lengthK02
Translator ServicesK02
Translator WebsiteK02
Translator-After hours emergency servicesK02
Translator-Fee over three hours in lengthK02
Translator-Text to VoiceK02
Translator-Written TranslationK02