List of Product Categories for MHEC Contracts
Additional CategoryL51
Audio CDL51
Audio MP3sL51
Audio MP3s, Books, CD, MP3-CDL51
Board BooksL51
Book BindingL51
Book Jacket/Mylar attachedL51
Book Stamping/Property LabelL51
Books on CDL51
CD MusicL51
CD/DVD MediaL51
CD/DVD Media/Bks on CD/CD Music/CD-R/CD-R ConsumerL51
CD-ROM/CD-ROM Consumer (Home Use Version)L51
Collection Development ToolsL51
Continuation Acct.L51
Continuation: SERIES NON-TRADE require prepayL51
Continuation: SERIES NON-TRADE no-return to pubL51
Continuation: SERIES TRADEL51
Databases-Public Library PricingL51
Digital Library, movies, tv series, music albumL51
Digital Med/Bk Jacket/Mylar/Bk Stamping/Prop LabelL51
Downloadable AudioL51
Downloadable Audio L51
DVD Rental Ready EditionsL51
DVD Retail Version (Includes Extra Features)L51
E-book & E-audioL51
E-book/E-audio/Electronic Journals/Elect MaterialsL51
Electronic MediaL51
Entire CatalogL51
Exceptions ListL51
Graphic NovelsL51
Hard Cover/Trade Adult or JuvenileL51
Imported English and Non-English Language EdsL51
Juvenile books,L51
JV: Library BindingL51
JV: Reinforced TradeL51
Laboratory manualsL51
Large PrintL51
Library BoundL51
Massmarket paperbacksL51
Materials Marc record-requires data manipulationL51
Medical BooksL51
Medical, Scientific, Legal TitlesL51
Music CDsL51
Net BooksL51
Non-Trade Continuations/ Standing OrdersL51
NonTrade Titles/Disc: 1-3% from publisherL51
NonTrade Titles/Disc: 4-7% from publisherL51
NonTrade Titles/Disc: 8-25% from publisherL51
NonTrade Titles/Disc: Publishers req prepaymentL51
NonTrade Titles/no discount from publisherL51
NonTrade Titles/non-returnable to publisherL51
Novelty/Activity BooksL51
Numbered monographic series, except for 1st volumeL51
Online OrderingL51
Ordering ToolsL51
Out of Print SearchL51
Paper BoundL51
Paperbacks Mass Market - Adult or JuvenileL51
Paperbacks Quality - Adult or JuvenileL51
Prebound - PaperboundL51
Prebound PaperbackL51
Processing CostsL51
Processing Costs/Book Jacket, Mylar attachedL51
Processing Costs/Book Stamping/Property LabelL51
Processing Costs/DVD or Music RepackagingL51
Processing Costs/Materials Barcode attachedL51
Processing Costs/Materials Book Pocket, attachedL51
Processing Costs/Materials Card Set OnlyL51
Processing Costs/Materials Digital MediaL51
Processing Costs/Materials MARC recordL51
Processing Costs/Materials RFID tag Per TitleL51
Processing Costs/Materials Shelf ReadyL51
Processing Costs/Materials Spine label, attachedL51
Processing Costs/Materials Theft detection aloneL51
Processing Costs/Materials/Theft Detect attachedL51
Processing Costs/Materials/Theft Detect unattachedL51
Processing Costs/Mat'ls Barcode, attached/titleL51
Processing Costs/Pocket, attachedL51
Processing Costs/Pocket, unattachedL51
Processing Costs/Property LabelL51
Processing Costs/Spine Label, attachedL51
Processing Costs/Spoken Word Audio RepackagingL51
Processing Costs/Theft detect added to other procsL51
Programmed materialsL51
Publisher Library BindingL51
Readers Advisory servicesL51
Reinforced Library BindingL51
Revised or subsequent editions,L51
RFID and hub labelsL51
Spoken Word Audio CD Abridged/Shortened VersionL51
Spoken Word Audio CD Unabridged/Complete VersionL51
Spoken Word Audio RepackagingL51
Text & TechnicalL51
Text, Technical Reference, Small PressL51
Textbooks Beyond K-12L51
Textbooks for any academic level,L51
Textbooks K-12L51
Titles of Limited DemandL51
Trade Continuations/ Standing OrdersL51
Training Media/DVDsL51
University PressL51
Video GamesL51
Works in foreign languagesL51
Works published outside the US and UKL51