List of Product Categories for MHEC Contracts
Business Continuity Planning ServicesS03
Business Process Management ServicesS03
Cloud Platform Management & Cloud Systems IntegratS03
Cloud Platform Mgmt & Cloud Systems IntegrationS03
Company OverviewS03
Company ProfileS03
Company Profile & Service Offerings SummariesS03
Consulting Agreement ExampleS03
Contract Terms SampleS03
Digital Accessibility ConsultingS03
Disaster Recovery ServicesS03
Disposal of packing materials and or old equipmentS03
Electronic Content/Document Management ServicesS03
Emerging / Recent TechnologiesS03
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) SystemsS03
Entire CatalogS03
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)S03
Geogrpahic Information Systems (GIS)S03
Independent Verification and Validation ServicesS03
Information Security and DATA Loss PreventionS03
Information Security and DATA Loss Prevention ServS03
Infrastructure Design ServicesS03
Mobile ApplicationsS03
On Demand Services**S03
Organizational and Departmental Assessments (incluS03
Project ManagementS03
Remote Database Administration ServicesS03
Remote Management and MonitoringS03
Service Offerings OverviewS03
SLA-Service Level Agreement ExampleS03
SLA-Service Level Agreement ExamplesS03
Software DevelopmentS03
Software Systems SupportS03
Statement of Work & Service level agreement SampleS03
Statement of Work SampleS03
Summary of ServicesS03
Systems Integration ServicesS03
Systems Planning ServicesS03
Technology Courseware DevelopmentS03
Telecommunications ServiceS03
Telecommunications ServicesS03
Telecommunications Services *S03
V-CISO ServicesS03