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New Members
Join DateMember NameWeb AddressConsortium
10/01/2018Applewild School Educational NonProfit Organizations
10/01/2018Bridport School District, VT Public Schools K-12
10/01/2018CT, Regional School District 4 Public Schools K-12
10/01/2018Enfield Public Library , NH Municipalities
10/01/2018Jaquith Public Library , VT Municipalities
10/01/2018Monadnock Regional School District, NH Public Schools K-12
10/01/2018Oyster River Cooperative School District , NH Public Schools K-12
10/01/2018Reuben Hoar Library , Littleton Municipalities
10/01/2018Rivendell Interstate School District , VT Public Schools K-12
10/01/2018Saco School Department , ME Public Schools K-12
10/01/2018School Administrative Unit 15, NH Public Schools K-12
10/01/2018Sedgwick Elementary School Public Schools K-12
10/01/2018Springfield Water and Sewer Commission Other
10/01/2018The Ayer Library , Ayer Municipalities
10/01/2018Wiggin Memorial Library , NH Municipalities
09/01/2018Berlin School District, VT Public Schools K-12
09/01/2018Bethlehem Public Library , NH Municipalities
09/01/2018Bishop Fenwick High School Private Secondary Schools
09/01/2018Blake Memorial Library , East Corinth, VT Municipalities
09/01/2018Bradford Publc Library , VT Municipalities
09/01/2018Cambridge Elementary School , VT Public Schools K-12
09/01/2018College of the Atlantic , Bar Harbor, ME Educational NonProfit Organizations
09/01/2018CT, Regional School District 19 Public Schools K-12
09/01/2018Exeter-West Greenwich Reg. School District Public Schools K-12
09/01/2018Florence Sturdivant Puboic Library , ME Municipalities
09/01/2018Folsom Education & Community Center, VT Public Schools K-12
09/01/2018Foster-Glocester Reg. School District, RI Public Schools K-12
09/01/2018Gilman Library , Alton, NH Municipalities
09/01/2018Hall Memorial Library , Northfield, NH Municipalities
09/01/2018Hartland Public Library , ME Municipalities
09/01/2018Hopkinton Town Library , Contoocook, NH Municipalities
09/01/2018Hubbard Free Library , Hallowell, ME Municipalities
09/01/2018Jim Currie Library Media Center , Howland, ME Municipalities
09/01/2018Kennebec Valley Community College State/University and Community Schools
09/01/2018Kennebec Valley Consolidated Schools, ME Public Schools K-12
09/01/2018LABBB Collaborative Educational NonProfit Organizations
09/01/2018Manchester School District, NH Public Schools K-12
09/01/2018Marlow Town Library, NH Municipalities
09/01/2018Mechanic Falls Public Library , ME Municipalities
09/01/2018Meredith Public Library , NH Municipalities
09/01/2018North Branford, Town of, CT Municipalities
09/01/2018Oscar Foss Memorial Library , NH Municipalities
09/01/2018Regional School Unit 87, ME Public Schools K-12
09/01/2018Richmond Free Library , VT Municipalities
09/01/2018Samuel H. Wentworth Library , NH Municipalities
09/01/2018Sanbornton Public Library , NH Municipalities
09/01/2018School Administrative District 75, ME Public Schools K-12
09/01/2018School Administrative Unit 64, NH Public Schools K-12
09/01/2018The Jackson Laboratory , ME Other
08/01/2018Abbott Library , NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Arvin A. Brown Library , Richford, VT Municipalities
08/01/2018Baker Free Library , NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Barrington Public Lbary , RI Municipalities
08/01/2018Berlin Public Library , NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Boscawen Public Library , NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Cape Cod Community College State/University and Community Schools
08/01/2018Chamberlin Free Public Library , NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Chamberlin Free Public Library, NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Chesley Memorial Library , Northwood, NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Chittenden Public Library , VT Municipalities
08/01/2018Dover Public Library , NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Durham Public Library , NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Elkins Public Library , NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Ellsworth Public Library , ME Municipalities
08/01/2018Elmore-Morristown Unified Union, VT Public Schools K-12
08/01/2018Enosburgh Public Library , VT Municipalities
08/01/2018Epsom Public Library , NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Erskine Academy Library, ME Municipalities
08/01/2018Fiske Free Library Municipalities
08/01/2018Fort Fairfield Public Library , ME Municipalities
08/01/2018Frenchman Bay Library Municipalities
08/01/2018Gay-Kimball Library , Troy, NH Municipalities
08/01/2018George Holmes Bixby Memorial Library , NH Municipalities
08/01/2018GEP Dodge Library , NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Gilford Public Library , NH Municipalities
08/01/2018GMILCS, Inc. , NH Educational NonProfit Organizations
08/01/2018Guilford Free Library , VT Municipalities
08/01/2018Guilford Memorial Library , Guilford, ME we don't have a website Municipalities
08/01/2018Hancock Town Library , NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Harwood Unified Union School District, VT Public Schools K-12
08/01/2018Holderness Free Library , NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Holy Apostles College and Seminary Library Municipalities
08/01/2018Hopkinton Town Library Municipalities
08/01/2018Ivan O. Davis - Liberty Library , ME Municipalities
08/01/2018J. A. Tarbell Library , Lyndeborough, NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Jackson Public Library , NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Jefferson Public LIbrary , NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Josiah Carpenter Library , NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Lawrence Family Development Charter School Technical/Vocational/Charter Schools
08/01/2018Lebanon Public Libraries , NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Limerick Public Library , ME Municipalities
08/01/2018Long Island Community Library , ME Municipalities
08/01/2018Mary E. Bartlett Public Library , NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Mason Public Library , NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Merrimack Public Library , NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Middletown Springs Public Library , VT Municipalities
08/01/2018Milo Free Public Library , ME Municipalities
08/01/2018Mnt. Mansfield Modified Union School Distric Public Schools K-12
08/01/2018Nat. Assc. for Armenian Studies and Research Educational NonProfit Organizations
08/01/2018New Durham Public Library Municipalities
08/01/2018North Conway Public Library , NH Municipalities
08/01/2018North Hero Public Library , VT Municipalities
08/01/2018Olivia Rodham memorial library, Nelson, NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Palermo Community Library , ME Municipalities
08/01/2018Pembroke Town Library , NH Town of Pembroke NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Peterborough Town Library , NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Philbrick-James Library , Deerfield, NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Portsmouth Public Library , NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Randolph Public Library , NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Readfield Community Library , ME Municipalities
08/01/2018Regional School Unit 3, ME Public Schools K-12
08/01/2018Richards Free Library , NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Richmond Public Library Municipalities
08/01/2018Rye public library, NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Sanford School Department, ME Public Schools K-12
08/01/2018Saxton B. Little Free Library , CT Municipalities
08/01/2018School Administrative District 17, ME Public Schools K-12
08/01/2018School Administrative District 47, ME Public Schools K-12
08/01/2018Shaw Public Library , ME Municipalities
08/01/2018Skowhegan Free Public Library , ME Municipalities
08/01/2018Smyth Public Library , Candia, NH Municipalities
08/01/2018South Kingstown, Town of , RI Municipalities
08/01/2018Stratford Public Library , NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Swansea, Town of Municipalities
08/01/2018Tucker Free Library , NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Walker Memorial Library , Westbrook, ME Municipalities
08/01/2018Walpole Town Library , NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Wareham Public Schools Public Schools K-12
08/01/2018Washburn Memorial Library , ME Municipalities
08/01/2018Webster Memorial Library , Wentworth, NH Municipalities
08/01/2018Weld Free Public Library , ME Weld Public Library Association Municipalities
08/01/2018West Paris Public Library , ME Municipalities
08/01/2018Wilbraham & Monson Academy Private Secondary Schools
08/01/2018Wilton Library Association , CT Municipalities
08/01/2018Windham Middle School , ME Public Schools K-12
08/01/2018Windham Southeast Supervisory Union Public Schools K-12
08/01/2018Wolfeboro Public Library , NH Municipalities
07/01/2018Academy for Career Exploration, RI Technical/Vocational/Charter Schools
07/01/2018Addison Central School District, VT Public Schools K-12
07/01/2018Addison Northeast Supervisory Union, VT Public Schools K-12
07/01/2018Addison Northwest School District, VT Public Schools K-12
07/01/2018Barre Supervisory Union, VT Public Schools K-12
07/01/2018Belfast Free Library, ME Municipalities
07/01/2018Belmont Public Library , NH Municipalities
07/01/2018Bixby Memorial Free Library , Vergennes, VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Blue Mountain Union School Public Schools K-12
07/01/2018Canaan Town Library , NH Municipalities
07/01/2018Champlain Valley School District , VT Public Schools K-12
07/01/2018Charlotte Library , VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Chesterfield Public Library , NH Municipalities
07/01/2018Chittenden East Supervisory Union, VT Public Schools K-12
07/01/2018Cobleigh Public Library , Lyndonville, VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Colchester School District, VT Public Schools K-12
07/01/2018Concord Public Library , NH Municipalities
07/01/2018Dailey Memorial Library , Derby, VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Deborah Rawson Memorial Library , Jericho, VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Dover Free Library , VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Dunbar Free Library , Grantham, NH Municipalities
07/01/2018East Windsor Housing Authority , CT Housing Authorities
07/01/2018Enosburgh Town School District, VT Public Schools K-12
07/01/2018Essex Free Library , VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Essex Westford School District, VT Public Schools K-12
07/01/2018Exeter Public Library , NH Municipalities
07/01/2018Fairfax Community Library , VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Fletcher Free Library , Burlington, VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Franklin Northwest Supervisory Union, VT Public Schools K-12
07/01/2018Gay-Kimball Library , NH Municipalities
07/01/2018Georgia Public Library , VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Grand Isle Supervisory Union, VT Public Schools K-12
07/01/2018Greensboro Free Library , VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Griffin Free Public Library , Auburn, NH Municipalities
07/01/2018Hartford Library, VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Hartland Public Library , VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Haskell Free Library , Derby Line, VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Ingalls Memorial Library , Rindge, NH Municipalities
07/01/2018Jaffrey Public Library , NH Municipalities
07/01/2018Jeudevine Memorial Library , Hardwick, VT Municipalities
07/01/2018John G. McCullough Free Library , VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Kimball Public Library , Randolph, VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Kingdom East School District, VT Public Schools K-12
07/01/2018Lamoille North Supervisory Union, VT Public Schools K-12
07/01/2018Lane Memorial Library , Hampton, NH Municipalities
07/01/2018Lawrence Memorial Library , Bristol, VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Lincoln Public Library , NH Municipalities
07/01/2018Lubec Memorial Library , ME Municipalities
07/01/2018Madison Library, NH Municipalities
07/01/2018Marlboro School Library , VT Public Schools K-12
07/01/2018Meriden Library , NH Municipalities
07/01/2018Minot-Sleeper Library , Bristol, NH Municipalities
07/01/2018Montpelier Public Schools, VT Public Schools K-12
07/01/2018Moore Free Library , Newfane, VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Morristown Centennial Library , VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Mount Holly Town Library , Belmont, VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Mt. Caesar Union Library , Swanzey, NH Municipalities
07/01/2018New Gloucester Public Library , ME Municipalities
07/01/2018New Hampshire State Library Other
07/01/2018North Country Supervisory Union, VT Public Schools K-12
07/01/2018Northern Vermont University State/University and Community Schools
07/01/2018Northfield Elementary School PTO Educational NonProfit Organizations
07/01/2018Northfield, Town of Municipalities
07/01/2018Norwich Public Library , VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Orange East Supervisory Union, VT Public Schools K-12
07/01/2018Orange North Supervisory Union, VT Public Schools K-12
07/01/2018Orford Free Library , NH none Municipalities
07/01/2018Orleans Southwest Supervisory Union, VT Public Schools K-12
07/01/2018Orwell Free Library, VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Pettee Memorial Library, Wilmington, VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Philip Read Memorial Library , Plainfield, NH Municipalities
07/01/2018Pillsbury Free Library , NH Municipalities
07/01/2018Pope Memorial Library , Danville, VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Poultney Public Library , VT Municipalities
07/01/2018R K Kittay Public Library , Rupert, VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Rochester Public Library , VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Rollinsford Public Library , NH Municipalities
07/01/2018Rutland Central Supervisory Union, VT Public Schools K-12
07/01/2018Rutland Free Library , VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union, VT Public Schools K-12
07/01/2018School Administrative Unit 24, NH Public Schools K-12
07/01/2018School Administrative Unit 57, NH Public Schools K-12
07/01/2018School Administrative Unit 63, NH Public Schools K-12
07/01/2018Shrewsbury Library, VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Silsby Free Public Library , Charlestown, NH Municipalities
07/01/2018South Hero Library , VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Springfield School District, VT Public Schools K-12
07/01/2018Springfield Town Library , VT Municipalities
07/01/2018St. Francis Xavier School , VT Private Secondary Schools
07/01/2018Stowe Free Library , VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Tenney Memorial Library , Newbury, VT tenneymemoriallibrary.oeg Municipalities
07/01/2018Twin Mountain Public Library Municipalities
07/01/2018Twin Valley School District, VT Public Schools K-12
07/01/2018Vermont Department of Libraries Other
07/01/2018Vermont Law School Private Colleges & Universities
07/01/2018Vernon Free Library, VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Wardsboro Public Library , VT Municipalities
07/01/2018Whitefield Public Library , NH none Municipalities
07/01/2018Windham Central Supervisory Union, VT Public Schools K-12
07/01/2018Winooski School District , VT Public Schools K-12