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New Members
Join DateMember NameWeb AddressConsortium
09/01/2019Maimonides School Private Secondary Schools
09/01/2019New Jersey Schools Development Authority, NJ Educational NonProfit Organizations
09/01/2019Norridgewock, Town of, ME Municipalities
09/01/2019University of Saint Joseph, CT Private Colleges & Universities
08/01/2019Canterbury, Town of, CT Municipalities
08/01/2019Diocese of Manchester, NH Private Secondary Schools
08/01/2019Lawyers for Civil Rights Educational NonProfit Organizations
08/01/2019Maine Community College System, ME State/University and Community Schools
08/01/2019Northwest Regional School District 7, CT Public Schools K-12
08/01/2019Norwalk Public Schools, CT Public Schools K-12
08/01/2019Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corp, RI Other
08/01/2019School Administrative Unit 67, NH Libraries
08/01/2019Slate Valley Unified School District, VT Public Schools K-12
08/01/2019The Colby Memorial Library, Danville, NH Libraries
08/01/2019Trumbull, Town of, CT TRUMBULL-CT.GOV Municipalities
08/01/2019Worcester Community Action Council Inc Educational NonProfit Organizations
07/01/2019Becket, Town of Municipalities
07/01/2019Lisa Welch University Systems
07/01/2019Loomis Chaffee, CT Private Secondary Schools
07/01/2019Pomperaug Regional School District 15, CT Educational NonProfit Organizations
07/01/2019Putney Public Library, VT Libraries
07/01/2019The Derryfield School, NH Private Secondary Schools
07/01/2019Thomaston Public Library, ME Libraries